Lightspeed’s lighting tour of NW

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A production at Salford’s Lowry Arts Centre next Wednesday and Thursday (June 17 and 18) comes to Preston’s Korova arts cafe and bar the following Saturday.

The Organised Chaos performance of Lightspeed is also at Lytham’s Lowther Pavilion the following Tuesday, June 23, as part of its mini regional tour.

The award-winning company stages its latest collaboration, with the North West’s new and emerging talent, with a script by Clem Haran.

Told in reverse order, Emma and Charlie’s paths cross one day.

She leads him to believe she is besotted with the idea of fate, love and him.

He is sceptical yet intrigued by her mystery. Emma however is playing a game and never truly reveals her feelings.

The roles then reverse and Charlie becomes the very character that Emma portrays in the beginning. He falls into her trap of fantasies and unrealistic realities.

Organised Chaos provide new and emerging performers, directors, designers and writers with a platform on which they can work on a professional scale.

Box office: 0843 208 6000 or; 01772 250701 or; 01253 794221 or