Lunacy dressed as Art

Puppetry of the Penis
Puppetry of the Penis
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Genital origami expert Fitchy joined the Puppetry of the Penis ranks after impressing bosses with his “flexibility”.

Now, almost 10 years later, he has perfected the Eiffel Tower, the wind surfer, and even a baby kangaroo in a pouch.

But the Ozzy star insists on keeping on his shoes and socks during his full-frontal performances – so as not to offend his mother.

Fitchy, so-called after a school nick-name “stuck”, said the puppetry was “the ancient art of Australian genital origami.”

He said: “It’s an historical, ancient tradition that’s been passed down... and that’s not really true.

“It’s a very fun, silly show.”

When asked if there was more to the performances, or if they were based on anything more serious, Fitchy said: “No, it’s a lot of fun.

He said: “Isn’t it amazing what men have been given down there?

“Doesn’t it look silly?

“And look at the crazy things we’ve worked out we can make them look like.

“From food stuffs to land marks to sports equipment to animals.

“It’s lunacy dressed up as high art.”

Fitchy, a performer by trade, said he auditioned to join the group after hearing about the show and thinking it sounded fun.

He said: “I got on board and auditioned for them and they were impressed with my 

“I had done a few silly things like that – stretching things out and being silly at parties.

“Then I heard some people had done similar but gone further with it, and I thought, ‘Why not?’”

Fitchy said he had performed to crowds of up to 2,500 people, down to a couple of hundred.

He said: “It doesn’t really matter as long as the audience are there and they are up for it and they can see what’s going on.

“Smaller theatres can be more intimidating, but we can still get the same hilarity and vibe as a big venue.”

Fitchy told the Lancashire Evening Post about some of his best tricks.

He said: “I do the Eiffel Tower, the wind surfer, which is one I’m quite partial to.

“There’s a Joey – a little kangaroo in a pouch, and there’s also obviously the classic – the hamburger.

“There’s just two of us on stage with our capes on, but with our shoes and socks on.

“Because when we drop the capes we couldn’t be properly naked – or how would we tell our mothers what we do?”

Puppetry of the Penis, which began in Australia before becoming a global phenomenon, will come to Preston’s Charter Theatre on November 3.

Fitchy said: “We’ve been to Preston before and we always have a great time up that neck of the woods.”

He added: “I’m looking forward to coming back – we always get great audiences up there.

“Northerners know how to party, that’s for sure.”

The performer said: “It’s two little boys with two little toys being very silly.

“It’s shock value and humour, and it’s a great fun show.

“I never really get embarrassed.

“ I wouldn’t be doing it at all if it was an embarrassment factor.

“I can’t think of anything much better than making people laugh and helping people enjoy themselves.”