Mayor is the star at first Korova Komedy night

Comedian Jonathan Mayor
Comedian Jonathan Mayor
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The first of a brand new series of comedy nights at Preston’s newest venue kicks off tomorrow evening.

Outrageously flamboyant Mancunian comedian Jonathan Mayor tops the bill at the first Korova Komedy night, at the new Korova Arts Cafe, on the corner of Charnley Street and St Wilfrid Street, off Fishergate.

Jonathan, right, is supported by Preston comic Freddie Quinn, who recently moved to Manchester to capitalise on the increasing popularity of his uniquely Northern observational humour. Opening up will be another Manchester funnyman Damion Larkin.

MC is Preston comedian John Gray, who formerly hosted the Frog and Bucket’s football comedy night, Kick the Bucket, uniting his knowledge of football with his extreme geekiness.

John is the brains behind the new comedy clubnight and, as well as being its regular MC, he will also be choosing and booking the best acts, 
using his knowledge of the 
comedy circuit gained over years of hard gigging.

The Korova Arts Cafe and Bar opened its doors for the first time last Saturday and 
organisers aim for it to become a hub for creatives from around the North-West.

They kicked off with two live events, the first of their new nights, KorovaKlectic, featuring a mix of acts, on Saturday, followed by a 24 play festival which reached its climax on Sunday night.

The new venue is founded by the Korova Arts project which has been staging gigs and events, including the city’s own comedy Fringe Festival, The Tringe, for years.

Korova’s founder Sam Buist said the new comedy nights would follow on from events 
Korova used to stage in the Adelphi, called Comedy Mike.

He said: “We used to run a night called Organised Mike which were more cabaret and then we also started doing a night called Comedy Mike.

“KorovaKlectic will replace Organised Mike while KorovaKomedy replaces Comedy Mike. Korova Komedy nights will be monthly and entry is £5 on the door.

But Korova will also host a mix of comedy nights on Thursdays, including sketch shows, run by comedy group Gein’s Family Gift Shop.