Pulling off a real gem of a comedy

Daisy Pulls it Off
Daisy Pulls it Off
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Penwortham St Mary’s ADS are celebrating 60 Glorious Years – with a rip-roaring classic parody.

It’s the “Roaring 20s” in an English girls boarding school.

Gymslipped, black stockinged girls are playing in a hockey match, having midnight feasts and water bottle fights all with dramatic cliff top rescues, bullying of scholarship girls and searches for hidden treasure!

All this is between lessons with a strict English mistress, and an enigmatic Russian music master.

Overlooking everything is a firm but well-loved headmistress; but who is the mysterious , and rarely seen, Mr. Thompson?

To find out you must head to St Mary’s Church Hall, Cop Lane, Penwortham, where “Daisy Pulls it Off” is being presented tomorrow, Friday and Saturday.

You can book your tickets on 03707 705 945 or book online at www.stmarys-ads.co.uk/box_office

Please arrive soon after 7:00 pm, they say, for a special welcome...