Ruth puts pen to paper in quest to solve love riddle

Ruth E Cockburn
Ruth E Cockburn

It’s an age old question: What is love? And musical comedian Ruth E Cockburn hopes to answer it, with a special performance back on home sand.

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Ruth E Cockburn is bringing her one-woman show about love and how people find it to her home town.

The show was developed as part of new arts development group Form as part of its Framework programme and the Co:Lab festival at the Royal Exchange Theatre.

It features songs, stories and recorded interviews, as Ruth hopes to answer the age-old questions of what is love, where do we find it, and how do we keep it?

Angelica Burrill, Form producer, said: “Love Letters from Blackpool tells the story of love in this seaside town.

“This acclaimed work has charmed people from all over the country to fall back in love with Blackpool, warts and all.

“Ruth grew up in Blackpool. She found quickly that in Blackpool you could have one of three jobs; a singer, a stripper or a sales person.

“She giggles when she’s naked, is rubbish at sales, and so tried singing instead.

“This led her to become over the years a comedian, street artist, actor, drag act and subsequently a theatre maker.

“You could say that Blackpool has made her the person she is today.”

Ruth has performed in venues all over the country from the National Theatre, The Comedy Store, Shakespeare’s Globe, right through to working men’s clubs in Wigan and community centres in Cumbria.

The show, on Wednesday, December 20, will be the latest homecoming event presented by new arts body Form, following Harry Clayton-Wright last month and David Hoyle’s show later this month.

· Love Letters From Blackpool, Wednesday, December 20, Bootleg Social, Topping Street.