Tupele to make Noises Off

Tupele Dorgu
Tupele Dorgu
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A Preston Corrie stars is joining the cast of Noises Off for its season at Royal Court Liverpool.

Noises Off has variously been described as “The funniest farce ever written” (New York Post), “A modern classic” (Guardian) and “Theatrical comic bliss” (Daily Telegraph).

The show will be at The Court for just four weeks.

The bulk of the cast have been confirmed and the show will star Kim Hartman, who is best known as Helga in Allo Allo, and Coronation Street’s Kelly Crabtree - Tupele Dorgu.

They will be joined by Jonathan Markwood (Lennon), Stephen Fletcher (Little Scouse On The Prairie), Jessica Dyas (Lennon 2013), Danny O’Brien (Bouncers), Christopher Jordan (In The Flesh, BBC3) and Jennifer Bea (Beside The Seaside, Unity Theatre). The director of the show will be Bob Eaton.

This is a chance to see one of the funniest plays around so don’t miss out!

It’s only hours before opening night and the cast are rushing through a final dress rehearsal.

Our group of loveably useless actors are trying their best to get the show on the road but the missed entrances, forgotten lines, big egos and several bottles of whiskey don’t help.

Dotty’s lost the plot, Garry’s lost his rag and Brooke’s lost her clothes.

Selsdon’s off his face and Freddie’s about as much use as Joe Anderson’s comb. Stage Management are having a breakdown and the Director is leading the way but...

Noises Off runs from Friday September 5 to Saturday October 4.

Tickets start at £12 and are available now.